Solar PV

What is it?

Solar PV (Photovoltic) are panels that convert light energy to electricity using energy from the sun.

How it works?

Your Solar PV system will consist of the solar panels on your roof that absorb the sunlight, an inverter that converts the current from the panels to a direct current and a generation meter that monitors the amount being produced.

Direct sunlight is not needed in order to produce electricity. The panels will work even on cloudy days

What are the benefits?

• Limits the amount of electricity you have to purchase from the supplier
• You can earn money by producing your own electricity (Governments feed in tariff)
• With rising prices in electricity, it’s a comfort to know you can produce your own
• 25 year performance manufacturers warranties
• Hassle free installation and we handle your Feed-in Tariff registration

How much does it cost?

Every installation is different depending on your individual needs. Some people might just want a couple of panels to give them a helping hand with their electricity. Others may want the maximum 4kW system (for domestic dwellings) to really go green.

How much can I earn?

System Size Installed after 31/03/2012 Period of Payment
< 4kW New Build 21.6 ppu 25 Years
< 4Kw Retro Fit 21.6 ppu 25 Years
4 to 10 Kw 17.3 ppu 25 Years
Export Tariff 3.2 ppu 25 Years
The tariff is set by the Department of Energy & Climate Changes and can be subject to change without notice
Figures estimated – are the assumption of 3% RPI increase

Example of what I could earn

• 3kw solar PV system installed in a retro environment
• Fully south facing system, 50% of electricity used by the house holder & 50% exported to the grid
• Price of standard electricity being 14 pence per unit
• Location being north west England/Wales & based on 1000kw hours per year
• Roof pitch being between 37 – 45 degrees

Size of system 3 kw Total
Estimated yearly generation 2400 kw
50% used by the householder 1200 kw
50% exported to the grid 1200 kw
Total feed in tariff 2350 x 21 pence £493.50
Export payment 1200 x 3.1 pence £37.20
Reduction in electricity bill 1200 x 14 pence £168.00
Total saved & earned £698.70
Based on the figures above, over a 25 year period would produce you a minimum of £ 17,467.50 tax free income

What are the next steps?

In order to get the best benefits from Solar PV, you must first get an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for your dwelling. We can organize this for you. What it does is calculate how efficient your building currently is, rating from A to G, where A is very efficient and G is very inefficient.

The rate you can receive from the Government (feed in tariff) will be determined by the rating on your EPC.